My inspiration

From the time I was a little girl I learned to look for the beauty and uniqueness in God's creation. My dad would wake us up in the middle of the night to witness an astronomical phenomenon and take us rockhounding to find hidden gems; my mom would share glorious flowers from her garden and help me collect and display exquisite treasures from the sea. A dear elderly neighbor taught me to care for an orphaned baby squirrel. Small acts like these instilled an appreciation for the stunning, fragile and extraordinary gifts we've been given to enjoy on our journey through life.

My hope

I think that we, too, personally have been given gifts that reflect the character of the Creator, by our vast array of innate talents and learned abilities. From an early age I've desired to create and express beauty in some form, whether through painting, music, or drama, but found the most satisfaction through the medium of photography. The ability to see, frame, and artistically capture a fleeting moment in time produces a spark of joy that is timeless. And when that pleasing result captivates others, it must be shared not just for the good of the maker, but the glory of the Maker.